What makes our message different?  
Our message focuses on moderating portion sizes, participating in physical activity, and having a positive attitude about all food and beverage groups. The message incorporates a parent to assist the child when choosing portion sizes of both food and beverages and most important to create a support network within the family. The Foundation believes that the food and beverage industry is making the necessary changes with labeling and providing nutritious facts; however, we believe that our animated characters give a different perspective, allowing the parent and child to work together as a team, and support each other's choices.



                                                  Hattie Mae's Pals 

            Billy the Bass:                A sea bass who wears blue high-top tennis shoes and a baseball cap.

            Cece the Crab:               A blue crab who is outgoing and quick with her claws

            Gladys the Gator:          A feisty little alligator who carries a purple umbrella

            Bubba the Crawfish:      A crawfish who rides a lemon wedge for a surf board

Pepe the Pelican:           A pelican who is known for keeping the peace among the pals as he sports his round blue reading glasses

 Minnie the Magnolia:    A tree who comes from a long line of Magnolias and is the voice of wisdom among the pals



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