Funville Active Park
Future Project

 Funville Activity Park:
he town of Funville are extension of Hattie Mae and Pals message to encourage children to become more physically active.  As a major part of our wellness program, the ground will include a water park with state-of-the-art batting cages, soccer kicker cages, and two 18-hole pitch-and-putt miniature golf courses designed especially for children. Funville is expected to receive 1,000,000 plus visitors each year. Designed to reinforce the message of health and wellness for families.  The complex will be a "Net Zero" project utilizing autoclave aerated concrete, LED lighting, cooling and photovoltaic electricity generated from solar power.   
                                         HATTIE MAE & PALS DESIGN TEAM                        

Arnold Palmer Design Company

  Aquatic Design Group Division of Western & Sampson

Swaback Partners



J. K. Tiller Associates, Inc

Sun Run Solar Company

BRZ  Architecture

                 City of Funville