What makes our message different?       

          Hattie Mae & PALS Children's Healthy Living Center

The Hattie Mae Children’s Healthy Living Center, Funville Village and Activity Park is America’s first destination themed activity complex devoted to combating childhood obesity and promoting a healthy lifestyle for the entire family. The complex will include a 60,000 sq. ft. educational, interactive technology facility, activity park, state-of-the-art water-park, children’s golf course and a city design from the children’s book series "Hattie Mae & the Traveling Trunk". The complex will cover over 100 acres of land. Upon completion, the center and grounds will be a physical model of the Hattie Mae & Pals Foundation team’s commitment to educate children in the fundamental importance of making healthy choices in all aspects of their lives.


Hattie Mae and her mama's message focuses on moderating portion sizes, participating in physical activity, and having a positive attitude about all food and beverage groups. The message incorporates a parent to assist the child when choosing portion sizes of both food and beverages and most important to create a support network within the family. The Foundation believes that the food and beverage industry is making the necessary changes with labeling and providing nutritious facts; however, we believe that our animated characters give a different perspective, allowing the parent and child to work together as a team, and support each others choices.