My name is Hattie Mae and I am the Goodwill and Good Health Ambassador 

I am devoted to children just like me... needing a little extra help with getting healthy. I will be traveling to school gyms, playgrounds and backyards to spread the good gospel of good, healthful foods, fresh air, exercise and lots of fun. I live in a small town called Funville with my mother. Mama owns Hattie Mae’s, a small restaurant on Funville’s town square. Lately, I’ve heard people talking on the news and in our town about childhood obesity and good health.  I wasn’t sure what that meant, so I asked Mama, “What is good health? How do you get it and how long does it take?” Mama smiled and said, “Good health takes a little bit of effort every day, but it can last a lifetime."

Mama and I have decided to take a road trip, and we'll take our old trunk, full of pots and pans along.  On our trip, we’ll learn about the different things children do to stay active, and how to make better food choices.  We will travel across the country in our minivan, and we’ll take our trunk-full of pots and pans so we can practice cooking healthy too. Mama said we’ll call our trip the Adventures of the Traveling Trunk.  When we come back to Funville, Mama is going to open a children's museum and themed park in Arizona. We want to show children and their families what we learned on our travels. Please join us as we explore the world of healthy living.... See you soon and hope you come to visit us in Funville.

Love, peace and lightning bugs!

Hattie Mae
Momma Mae